Stadium is a professional place for sports training, sports competition and physical exercise. Stadiums are categorized according to the number of spectators accommodated in the stands: Grade A over 25,000, Grade B 15,000-25,000, Grade C 5,000-15,000, and Grade D under 5,000. In these venues, the grand span and roof structure play a crucial role in determining the majesty of the whole building. The construction of stadiums promotes the booming development of large-span structural buildings, while its design can be used in various ways, such as space grid structure, suspension structure, inflatable structure, tension structure and so on.
Steel structure has become a favored choice for stadium construction due to its advantages of high strength, light weight, large span design and rapid construction speed. Such a design not only meets the complex needs of the building, but also provides an excellent viewing experience for the audience. Therefore, in the towering stadium, steel structure is not only the support of the building, but also the perfect combination of aesthetics and function, creating a shocking and comfortable sports feast for the sports events and the audience.